Clear's Internal Power Workshop
Hello Tai Chi-ers!
I'm so pleased offer the Clear's Internal Power Workshop
It turned out so great last time that we're going to offer it again!
But we need to know when.
Because this isn't on our normal workshop schedule, we need to know who can attend- and what dates work for everyone.
Date: To Be Decided
Place: Maryville TN
Price: $3500*
*only $250 for repeat attendees
Internal Power Secrets Revealed!
This isn't your average workshop. The Internal Power Workshop is a complete guide on what internal power really is, how to use it, how to practice it, and just how far it can go.
Step By Step Instruction
for over a dozen EXTREMELY RARE, SELDOM SEEN, and ALMOST NEVER TAUGHT  High Level Internal Skills!
How to Recognize
others with REAL INTERNAL SKILL vs those who are faking it.
Comprehensive Training
Learn the ROAD MAP for Internal Power training that will serve as your guide for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!
Subjects Covered
  • Body Qualities: Full, Empty, Heavy/rooting, Floating etc (In the right amounts ) , Heaven, Man & Earth from the Tai Chi Classics
  •  Alignment & Structure: Zhong Ding (Central Alignment), Lower Back in proper position to Connect Upper & Lower Body
  •  -Sinking the Chi : Reduces Stress & Tension, Reduces Blood Pressure, Calming; Increases / Improves Blood Oxygen Levels & Circulation; Builds Bone Mass & Builds Muscle Density; 
  •  Internal Iron Body
  •  Internal Iron Palm
  •  Steel Wrapped in Cotton
  •  Whole Body Breathing  for health and power
  •  Bone Marrow Washing
  •  Peng, Lu, Ji, and An: Tai Chi's 4 basic jings, and the building blocks to Internal Power
  •  Poison Hand: Powerful strikes and Dim Mak that are deadly to your opponent- but healthy for you to practice.
  •  Understanding, Building, Circulating, and Storing Chi
  •  Build Ting to Crazy Levels: In my opinion- the most important skill of Tai Chi.
  •  Yi: Focus the mind to amazing effect in your own body, anything in reach, or even at distance.
  •  Jing: A comprehensive walk through all the major jings with emphasis on Waving, Coiling, Magnetic, and more!
  •  Shen: Present moment training and the basics of Shen Spiritual Power.
  •  How to Practice Anywhere and take these skills with you everywhere you go- whether you're standing in line, walking, or sitting.
  • A lifetime of Study: By the time you're done with this workshop- you'll have the skill framework you can work on for the rest of your life.
And Even More
Including skills I don't advertise outside of trusted circles!
See You At The Workshop!
Sigung Richard Clear
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