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What You Will Learn:

The Complete Fighting System

Taken from the Personal Protection methods of reclusive Indonesian tribesmen, and modified to be used in modern Western society. 

Force Multipliers

Put the right Quality into ALL of your hits instead of trying to land them on specific targets. This isn't some fly-by-night pressure point system. This is about building real Power and putting it behind every shot!

Eat 'Em Up

Hit with Full Body Integrity in every hit, 3-5 times per second, sustained for 10 full seconds. Blast through nearly any attacker with blinding speed and devastating power, and smart movement.

Go Beyond Punches

Learn to use every tool in your arsenal to generate Knockout Power. Training includes the "Personal Crowbar" forearm hits, "Sledgehammer" fists, and devastating open hand techniques, elbows, knees, feet, and whole body, all at the same time!

Street-Real Self Defense

Multiple Attackers, armed assailants, and surprise attacks are the norm on the street, and savvy criminals will do everything they can to trick you. Be ready for the way real assailants attack, and the confidence in knowing that your Personal Protection System has it all covered.

See Them Coming!

Finally a Force Continuum designed for Civilians! This process tunes your awareness of potential threats at a distance, and then employs smart verbal and non-verbal communication to force attackers to reveal themselves before they can touch you.
What People Are Saying
"Thank God for your program! I am an offshore financial planner. In Costa Rica 9 guys attacked me. This knowledge saved my life."

-Michael K.

Clear Defense Student
"...let me first say thank you for saving my life. Times 2.

Thank you for your teachings, and I am looking forward to learning lots more.  You have a believer, and hopefully a student from here into the future.  "

-Mac B.

1 Hit KO Student
"I have to say sir, my skill has progressed exponentially... I have even have been accused from people I used to practice with as meddling with forces I shouldn't. "

-Daniel S.

 Clear Defense Student
"The smartest approach to self-defense I have ever seen."

-Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx

CIA Operative,
Black Belt Instructor,
Clear Defense Student
"Mr. Clear, this is absolutely Nice!! Love this stuff. I've been at it learning from a few people, and constantly playing (but playing seriously) for over a decade. The moves you're showing are finally making sense... Feels amazing and feels free. "


Clear Defense Student
“Clear’s Kun Tao Silat is the smartest approach to self defense I have ever seen, and I have seen everything the military spec ops community has to offer from Delta and CIA to the British SAS.”

-Lt. Col. Robert Leonhard

CIA Advisor on US Military Strategy
Richard Clear:
Sigung (Master) Richard Clear has been teaching practical and effective self defense for over 30 years. He has personally trained Special Forces soldiers, CIA personnel, CEOs and Corporate Professionals, and Celebrities.

Sigung Clear long ago recognized the need for average people to have access to reality based, practical, and affordable self defense training. He is the creator of unique training methods including 1 Hit Knockouts and Clear Defense.

This program has never before been offered to the public, and if you tried to get everything in the course it would cost over $3,800.

But for you, for a limited time, you can get this incredible training for just
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