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Get To The Root 
(Of Internal Power)
become immovable – and Unstoppable!
From: Sigung Richard Clear
The Root of Internal Power will take your Internal Power to the next level.
I've designed this series of drills and exercises so that you can develop high level Rooting skill from home – no Master required!
In this Course, you will discover how to build strong Root and use it for real-world Power.
You'll also build a mental focus that will allow you to remain calm and collected under pressure, and generate devastating force to send your opponents reeling back without exerting yourself.
On The First Module –
You will find drills and exercise to build your Root power so that you can:
  • Make Gravity your Ally and harness the natural power of the Earth under your feet
  •  Generate Internal Power Effortlessly – The method actually REQUIRES relaxation!
  • Remain Stable, Strong, and Relaxed (even under strong pressure from an opponent)
  •  Become Nearly Unstoppable
On The Second Module-
  •  Build Even Deeper, Stronger Root Power to overwhelm anyone with basic Root
  •  Develop Positional Fa Jing (and send them flying even when they try to shove you)
  • Discover Sensitivity Training methods to feel inside yourself and others 
  •  Direct Force to any place you choose (even inside an opponent's body!)
  •  Feel and Manipulate an opponent's root
  •  Make these practices soft, relaxed, and Internal 
This Will Change Everything
With this training, nothing will be the same again.
With your new-found Root Power, you will see the difference between hollow Tai Chi, and Real Internal Power!
By learning to move your own Root and manipulate others' Root, you'll be able to easily defend yourself against larger, stronger opponents...
and send them flying without effort.
Start Your Training TODAY!
Sigung Richard Clear
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